Giving Compass' Take:

• Fidelity Charitable shares the importance of charitable mission statements for guiding impactful giving. 

• Do you have a mission statement? Is it strong, cohesive, and helpful? Could it be better?

• Find out what nonprofits need more than a mission statement.

A charitable mission statement is typically one to three sentences that puts the purpose of your giving into words. Your values, life experiences, interests, and close relationships can all play a role in helping you decide what your mission is. Here are four reasons why a creating a charitable mission statement is important.

It gives your giving focus

Rather than scattering resources across many areas, which dilutes the impact of your support, you can achieve something meaningful.

Having a mission is energizing

Having a purpose is motivating and inspires you to take concrete steps to achieve your vision.

It helps you decide when to say "no"

With so many year-end appeals, mailed solicitations, and requests from friends and colleagues, there's always another worthy cause to give to. Your mission statement can help you filter these requests through the lens of what's really important to you.

You can make a greater impact over time

With your mission statement as your guide, it becomes possible to set actionable goals for what you would like your giving to accomplish over the next five years, ten years, and beyond.

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