Unlike some business sectors known for poor gender parity, the nonprofit space is a professional field with a tremendous number of talented women. Women make up the majority of nonprofit employees, yet climbing up the proverbial ladder is easier said than done.

Ensuring women are equally represented in top managerial, C-suite and board roles is not just the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. An analysis of 5,825 new executive appointments by S&P Global found that not only did female CEOs outperform their male counterparts, but boards with greater gender diversity were more profitable as well.

For nonprofits, this is a particularly important lesson as you cannot fulfill your mission to do good unless you are doing well. The business of building a better world is just that — a business, and one that requires funding. With the coronavirus pandemic causing financial strife to organizations around the globe, nonprofits must ensure they have policies and protocols in place to maximize investments, and that means retaining and promoting female leaders.

  • Showcase Female Leaders
  • Provide Clear Paths To The Top
  • Impart Actionable Feedback
  • Offer Family-Friendly Benefits
  • Act With Urgency

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