Americans gave almost $500 billion to charities last year according to Giving USA.

In terms of giving, corporations ranked dead last with 6% of the total, steering $21.08 billion to non-profits and other charitable causes. During the same timeframe, corporate profits increased by 9.8%, reaching record highs across numerous industries.

While Milton Friedman might rejoice in corporations holding on to what they have fought tooth and nail to acquire, the next generation of customers and employees find reasons to object. In fact, according to Giving USA’s Giving By Generation report, younger generations are much more deeply engaged in charitable giving, particularly when it comes to volunteer hours.

As companies compete to attract top talent, the character of their leadership is becoming an increasingly important factor. Enter the Giving Leader - CEOs who leverage the outsized impact of philanthropy and mission-aligned giving in creating a work environment that retains and motivates the best of the best.

As you take stock of 2023 and look forward to the coming year this holiday season, reflect on how the following leaders and companies have woven mission-aligned volunteerism into the very core of their benign.

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