Giving Compass' Take:

• In this video from the Effective Altruism Global 2018 conference, Future of Humanity Institute's Jade Leung and  Global Catastrophic Risk Institute's Seth Baum discuss artificial intelligence (AI): the good, the bad and the future.

• One of the main points that crops up repeatedly in the talk is that AI can benefit humanity, but can be dangerous in the wrong hands and how it's regulated will continually be up for debate.

• Here's more about ways to leverage AI for good.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very likely to make a huge impact on our world, especially as it grows more powerful than it is today. It’s hard for us to know exactly how that impact will look, but we do know many of the actors most likely to be involved. As AI gets stronger, what can we expect the world’s most powerful national governments to do? What about nongovernmental organizations, like the UN?

This advanced workshop from Effective Altruism Global: 2018, presented by Jade Leung and Seth Baum, addresses these questions from multiple perspectives.

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