Giving Compass' Take:

• The author discusses how corporate social responsibility in the for-profit sector shifts as a society, legislation, policies, and public concern changes. 

• How can companies keep up with societal norms of corporate responsibility? Which companies are currently leaders in the CSR space? 

• Here are five elements of a model of corporate social responsibility. 

The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the for-profit world is constantly changing as societal needs shift, legislation and policies change, and expectations from the public evolve. Consumers are expecting more from the organizations they do business with, including a deeper level of community involvement as well as a commitment to issues on a larger, global scale.

Simultaneously, high potential talent, as well as current employees, are placing increased significance on a company’s philanthropic giving and engagement efforts when considering their career development and weighing potential job opportunities.

Telling stories of one’s impact allows people to build pride in the brand both externally and internally

Limiting social responsibility to just corporations does not accurately tell the story of what’s happening in the broader sector. Social responsibility is not limited to just corporations, and a need has arisen for a new term to summarize these types of philanthropic efforts.

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