Giving Compass Take:

· George Perreault discusses the state of interoperability in schools and how the adoption of certain standards is gaining traction quickly. 

· How does having certain standards help teachers and students?  

· Read more about educational interoperability. 

As we stand at the beginning of 2019, the state of interoperability varies quite a bit if you’re looking at individual schools and districts. But for those who are plugged in, adoption of certain standards is moving along quite nicely. In more than four decades of working in education, I’ve never seen a set of standards gain traction so quickly.

Many of the larger school districts (and many small districts as well) have come to recognize that interoperability is key because, without it, students and teachers suffer from a huge delay between the time school starts and when they actually have access to any of the various platforms and resources that should be available to them.

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