Disaster relief organizations have been working around the clock to respond to seven catastrophic disasters in the past two months. But that doesn’t mean the important, ongoing charitable work in communities suddenly becomes less urgent. As nonprofits prepare for the upcoming giving season, many fundraisers are understandably concerned about donor fatigue.

Dreadful disaster stories are still making headlines; isn’t the public tired of giving?

After hearing anecdotal reports of the recent disasters receiving wildly different donation totals, my team at GlobalGiving looked into data from our own crowdfunding community to determine if whether we’re seeing donor fatigue. And we have good news: our data looks different. Looking at donation totals to thousands of nonprofits around the world and covering each of six major disasters over the past two months, we’re not seeing major evidence of donor fatigue. We approached the question from several angles, and we’re not seeing the public’s giving interest or ability waning.

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