Giving Compass' Take:

• This education technology company based in California shares best practices to avoid potential pitfalls during distance learning. 

• How can donors and education technology companies help schools thrive during the pandemic? 

• Read these student perspectives on remote learning during COVID-19.

We have learned a lot about distance learning since the coronavirus pandemic first swept California last spring. As an education technology company, we were able to get a first-hand look at the potential pitfalls of distance learning as well as the teacher-led strategies that were most effective at keeping students learning and engaged. Here is what we found that worked best in the urban and rural schools we work with across the state:

  • Start immediately with a clearly defined, consistent approach.
  • Allow learning to take place when it can.
  • Create time blocks.
  • Lead breakout groups.
  • Facilitate check-ins.
  • Use engagement as a way to troubleshoot what’s happening at home.
  • Find the right curriculum — whether teacher- or parent-led

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