Giving Compass' Take:

• Patrick Clinton at The New Food Economy exposes a misleading new study "claiming" eating organic reduces pesticide intake.

• Where can investors make the biggest difference when it comes to organic foods and accurate data? 

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Flash! A new study published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Research reveals that people who switched from a conventional to an organic diet reduced their intake of pesticides by 60 percent in just one week.

Well, that’s it. Game over. The evidence is all in, and organic wins.

Yeah, right.

If you’ve been reading about the study (I have, in a mini-explosion of coverage that hews remarkably close to the press release sent out by Friends of the Earth, which sponsored the research and employs one of the authors of the study), you may have formed the opinion that it’s kind of a big deal. Take the word of someone who reads press releases every day and has even written a few: Never trust them. RTFD. Read the document.

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