The StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network is guided by the Theory of Action. Built on lessons from network members, our Theory of Action helps communities build and sustain civic infrastructure.

More flexible than a model, our framework acts as a guide for those willing to commit over the long term to developing the right civic infrastructure that meets the unique needs of their local community.

Our Theory of Action’s benchmarks distinguishes this work from traditional collaboration and other collective impact approaches. With a focus on quality and results, they are critical for ensuring a community transforms how it serves children. Most importantly, communities achieve population-level impact when the student indicators set by the local partnership consistently move in the right direction.

Communities that embrace StriveTogether’s approach make progress in building civic infrastructure to improve educational outcomes, eliminate disparities and expand opportunities for every child. As more communities successfully meet these quality benchmarks and have an impact on student outcomes, we will collectively move toward achieving our ultimate goal of changing systems and supporting the success of every child, cradle to career...

“It’s all in the StriveTogether Theory of Action, from my point of view. It’s the single most powerful driver of the work of Spartanburg Academic Achievement. It frames our strategic planning and budget; it focuses our personnel practices; it defines our short- and long-term priorities; it stabilizes our structure and funding; it shapes our collective engagements; it paints the portrait of our generational visit. And the StriveTogether staff is there to coach and encourage through every benchmark along the way.”
— John C. Stockwell, Spartanburg Academic Achievement, Executive Director

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