Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Citizen reports that the Bramble Cay melomy, a small brown rat, is now the first mammal to bcome extinct due to human-induced climate change. 

• What can be done to stop endangered species from becoming extinct? How can we make more targeted efforts against climate change to save our animals?

Here's how funders are fighting animal extinction from all angles.

While hundreds of these rodents scurried around Australia in the 1970s, melomys haven’t been seen in about 10 years. They were declared endangered by Queensland in 1992 and by the Commonwealth in 1999. After further investigation, the state officially declared the species extinct in 2016, and the Commonwealth verified this on Monday.

“It's not a decision to take lightly," Geoff Richardson, assistant secretary for environment and energy, told members of the Senate. "When something is listed as extinct it essentially ceases to get any protection."

The rodents resided in Bramble Cay, a small Australian island near the Great Barrier Reef. The extinction is likely caused by ocean inundation from rising sea levels that, destroyed the melomys natural habitat, according to the 2016 report.

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