Now more than ever, women are changing the game in philanthropy. Not only do women make up 43% of the nation’s top wealth holders, but their wealth is only expected to grow — and research shows that women may be more likely to give, and when they do, they give more.

Here are are three donors whose generosity and innovation highlight women’s significant contributions to philanthropy.

Beth Sawi. As the former Chief Administrative Officer of Charles Schwab, Sawi approaches her philanthropic projects with an eye for financial strategy and a willingness to be hands-on in her work.

Oseola McCarty. Born in rural Mississippi in 1908, McCarty quickly learned the importance of hard work and frugality. In sixth grade, she dropped out of school to take up work as a washer-woman and help support her family. Over the years, she saved almost all of her earnings, which accumulated to over $150,000. In 1995, she used her savings to establish a scholarship program at the University of Southern Mississippi, which to this day provides financial assistance to low-income students of color.

Laurie Tisch. Born into a well-established family of donors, Tisch discovered her own passion for giving and launched the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund in 2007. The Fund takes a strategic approach to supporting projects in New York City spanning issues of education, arts, health, and public service.

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