As a national conversation takes place around women’s issues, the surprising lack of gender diversity in nonprofit leadership along with the issues that surround it can no longer be overlooked. For a sector that is largely funded and staffed by women, the numbers are troubling. While women make up about 73 percent of all nonprofit employees, they only hold 45 percent of nonprofit CEO roles. When it comes to pay, women nonprofit CEOs make just 66 percent of what their male counterparts make.

In support of this crucial initiative, DonorPerfect partnered with five inspiring women who rose to the top of their organizations to create The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women. This free downloadable guide commemorates Women's History Month in March, and every day, and offers a platform for these leaders to pass along what they believe it takes for more women in the nonprofit sector to ascend the ranks.

The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women is designed to help women develop and demonstrate their skills, build their personal brands, expand their professional networks, and speak up to get what they really want — in and beyond the office. Its exercises challenge readers to set goals and create an action plan to achieve them.

The nonprofit community needs diverse perspectives, experience, and skills if it hopes to see wonderful causes around the world flourish. That change can only begin when women are empowered to rise up and serve a mission in roles that suit them best.

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