The aim of this thesis was to develop a workshop that creates awareness and interest to

use gender-sensitive early childhood education methods. The target group was students of
early childhood education.

The theoretical base for this project is theories of gender socialization, social constructionism
and participatory learning. The methods used in the workshop are participatory and
creative methods that support experiential learning and reflection in groups.

The objectives of the workshop were: to encourage critical reflection of the meaning of gender
for the everyday life; raise participants’ awareness and interest to apply already developed
methods of gender-sensitivity to their own work with children; and to create interest to
multiply, meaning to implement similar workshops in future study or work environment. The
exercises and the guide were developed to be easily approachable and multiplied also by
facilitators with limited experience.

The workshop was tested with a group of four voluntary participants. Written feedback from
participants and own observations were used to evaluate the usefulness of the exercises
and to make developmental adjustments to the final product, which is a workshop guide.

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