At the start of the new year, I look forward to reflecting on emerging trends and considering what is next for the philanthropy sector. I believe that 2024 is going to keep us guessing.

Every few years there is talk about philanthropy at a crossroads, and 2024 may put the sector in the “hot seat” once more. The influence of donors in elections, criticisms of wealth inequity, questions about philanthropy’s fulfillment of its pledges to racial justice, the ethical uses of artificial intelligence, and what role philanthropy can and should play in strengthening our democracy will all be topics for the sector to grapple with in the coming year.

  • The U.S. presidential election will affect the timing and focus of giving.
  • Economic uncertainty will remain a factor.
  • AI will create efficiencies and raise concerns.
  • The next generation will make its giving presence known.

I am hopeful that the rise of the next generation will bring new energy and resources to the social issues that need attention. In a year that may be filled with political debate and aggressive campaign tactics, I’m hopeful that we’ll see renewed motivation to find common ground, strengthen our communities and demonstrate the vital role philanthropy plays in the health of our democracy.

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