High-quality jobs, affordable places to live, a thriving urban culture, and a healthy human and natural environment can all be part of circular cities. This conversation between public and private practitioners discusses how. Speakers José Manuel Moller Dominguez, CEO & Founder, Algramo Mark Chambers, Director, NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability Heather Clancy, Editorial Director, GreenBiz Group.

All of our policies don't start from ground zero -- they don't start from a place where everyone has equal access or everyone has equal opportunity. Being able to be cognizant of that allows for us to make sure that equity and the distribution of services is . . . about looking at the data, prioritizing what areas can most benefit from the health impacts of our policies. For us, we believe that it's imperative to be able to use that data-driven approach and be able to then micro-target some of our policies in neighborhoods, in boroughs, in places where they can impact populations that are most in need.

Watch the full video about circular cities and economies with Jose Manuel Moller Domingues, Mark Chambers, and Heather Clancy at GreenBiz.