Giving Compass' Take:

• Megan McMahon and Molly Levitt share stories of schools across the countries using personalized learning to rethink teaching. 

• How do the needs to students vary in different schools, districts, and states? 

• Learn about the benefits of personalized learning

Ellen Dorr, Chief Technology Officer at the Renton School District in Washington state, is working to shift learning in her district from a traditional school culture of compliance to a culture of learning. Renton recently completed the second year of a multi-year program that started with inviting students to codesign the new vision and to become creators of their own learning experience.

Students are exercising their voice by writing about how their experience is changing in their high school newspaper and by asking for what they need in the classroom. Students have more agency in their education and are becoming creators and contributors in the learning process. The goals aim to ensure that learning is still focused on rigor and hitting the standards, but that students are also learning soft skills and advocating for their own education and needs as learners.

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