Some foundations may use different labels such as organizational beliefs or priorities, but regardless of what they are called, an organization’s practices are the most, and sometimes only, visible expression of their values. This is why it’s so critical to make sure there’s alignment between the two.

From a survey supported by PEAK Grantmaking, when asked how their foundation “walks the talk” in aligning their values with their practices, one respondent noted that in order to meet their values regarding equity and inclusion, program staff participate in workshops and training specific to these topics.

Examples of values can include a dedication to diversity, innovation, or gathering and sharing of knowledge with others in the field. One common value we’ve found is a commitment to ensuring grant seekers have enough time and resources to reach their program goals.

Through this work, we hope to get the sector talking about what barriers exist for aligning values and practices. We’ve found this conversation fascinating and as we uncover more findings from this work we think it’ll be fertile ground for further exploration and lead to meaningful results for our members and the sector.

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