Giving Compass' Take:

• This interview between Mary Loritz of EU-Startups and Aline Vedder of Ananda Impact Ventures dives into impact startups, venture capital, and the future of impact investing.

• Vedder argues that the return on impact investments can compete with traditional returns. Does data back this statement up, and if so how can we use it to influence the investment decisions of venture capitalists?

• To learn about accountability for impact startups, click here.

Aline Vedder isn’t your typical investment manager. She got her PhD in Neuroaesthetics, and even wrote a book on the neural perception of art in the brain.

She later joined Munich-based Acton Capital Partners, and now she’s an investment manager at Ananda Impact Ventures – a European VC that invests in startups addressing social challenges in areas such as education, health, and ageing. Though she comes from an academic rather than financial background, Aline says that her knowledge of psychology serves her in the VC world – helping in the assessment of teams and founder personalities.

Below we interview Aline about impact startups, her advice for founders, and the importance of diversity in the startup world.

What is the history of Ananda Impact Ventures, and what sets it apart from other VCs?

Ananda Impact Ventures is one of the leading impact investors in Europe, and was founded by Johannes Weber and Florian Erber in 2010. Back in the early days when they started to raise their first fund, investing in impact businesses was a bold and new idea. Over the past decade they have paved the way for entrepreneurs and other investors and proven that the returns of impact investments can compete with traditional returns ... We strongly believe in the power of market-based, sustainable and scalable models with positive impact at their core.

What are the main things that you look for when investing in a startup?

I look for outstanding entrepreneurs who want to change industries and create a positive impact on our society. I’m not interested in niche topics or companies that fall into the field of venture philanthropy.

I look for market-oriented, sustainable and scalable business models with a strong value proposition and mission driven founders.

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