I recently traveled to Burkina Faso to visit a local clinic where Save the Children and Doctors of the World are treating children with severe acute malnutrition. I have seen centers like these before but it’s always shocking to see such desperate conditions.

Even though the clinic had around 20 infants in its care, the place was eerily quiet. These children were using what little energy they had to simple stay alive.

Scenes like these have become all too familiar in many parts of the world. The combined impact of conflict, climate change, COVID-19, and soaring food prices from the conflict in Ukraine is behind the worst hunger crisis in decades.

A perfect storm of shocks has left up to 1 million people facing near-famine conditions. As I write this, it’s estimated that one person is dying of hunger every four seconds around the world.

But what’s happening is entirely preventable. We don’t need to spend billions on researching a cure or developing a vaccine. Save the Children knows how to treat malnutrition and we know how to respond to this crisis.

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