Giving Compass' Take:

• VICE reports on Amazon's involvement in New York City's public school system, which could be a significant risk but also be beneficial by providing jobs and opportunities.  

• How else will Amazon want to contribute to boosting the economy in New York? Will they provide funds to other areas of education aside from computer science?

Here's another article on big tech companies funding computer science classes in NYC schools.

Last week, in its latest sweeping announcement preceded by little or no community discussion, Amazon made another move in America’s largest city. Only this time it wasn’t into a new neighborhood, but into the classroom.

The company, which has reportedly considered bailing on its much-hyped HQ2 project in NYC amid local blowback, announced it would fund computer-science classes in 130 local high schools. It also promised to offer a new cloud computing training and certificate in colleges across the region.

The pledge looked, on its face, like a generous one from the richest company in the world. But in keeping with the tech world’s reputation for swooping in from on high to engineer social change, according to the New York Times, the plan wasn’t even coordinated with the city Department of Education.

Read the full article about Amazon's computer science project for schools in America by Ankita Rao at VICE