Giving Compass' Take:

• Paul Weisenfeld reports that Mark Green has called for foreign aid to that ultimately renders foreign aid unnecessary. 

• Do your philanthropic efforts include a plan to render themselves unnecessary? 

• Read about why cutting foreign aid could backfire

I believe the purpose of foreign assistance should be ending its need to exist.

In his welcome message, new U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green reminded development professionals around the world that we’re all working toward the day when development programs are no longer needed. As he noted, sadly that day is far off in too many cases.

The governments of Laos and Cambodia, supported by USAID and the ENVISION project, marked a historic milestone last month when the World Health Organization announced that these countries have eliminated trachoma — a blinding disease that was once highly prevalent in some areas — as a public health problem. We congratulate them on this enormous accomplishment.

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