Giving Compass' Take:

• William Nakulski, writing for Medium, discusses the prominent factors to consider before philanthropists donate to local public schools. 

• How can funders address the root problems of public school funding? 

• Read more about what impactful education funding looks like. 

When deciding to make a donation, one valuable place that some donors fail to consider is the local public school. Here are a few things to keep in mind before donating:

  • What types of donations can a public school receive? Eligible for many types including supplies for classrooms, electronic and sports equipment, furniture, or musical instruments.
  • Where does the donation intention go? Put the donation in writing. This puts all the details on paper to look at for later reference and clears up any discrepancy that may occur.
  • Can I pick how the donation is used? You can tell the district that you would like the funds to be used for a specific program or purpose, but you cannot have any impact on the school’s personnel.
  • Is time an option? Volunteers are needed for coaching, bus assistants, or chaperones.

Read the full article about donations to public schools by William Nakulski at Medium.