Philanthropy doesn’t generally get a ton of coverage on radio or television. Unfortunately, even when you combine the very sexy topic of tax policy with philanthropy, the results aren’t much better.

But yesterday, NCRP’s chief executive, Aaron Dorfman, had the opportunity to discuss a key tax issue that will have a lasting impact on the country’s charitable sector on XRAY In The Morning, a radio show in Portland, Oregon, hosted by Jefferson Smith. Smith is a former Oregon state legislator, founder of a terrific nonprofit focused on youth civic engagement, The Bus Project, and soon to take over as director of the Oregon Center for Public Policy.

Aaron spoke with Smith about the potentially horrendous impact on large donations and bequests from very wealthy donors if Congress repeals the estate tax:

“The estate tax is one of the largest motivators for charitable giving that we have. Extremely wealthy families know they can’t pass everything along to their heirs tax free and so they look for other ways to reduce the value of their estates that also advances the things they care about in the world.”

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