With corporate social responsibility (CSR) impacting so many business decisions, your company likely has a long history of philanthropy in the form of grants, donations, and traditional volunteering. Now you want to build a more deeply strategic program that multiplies your existing impact.

Skills-based volunteering programs achieve multiple objectives concurrently, and the success of each objective reinforces the others. It leverages one of your most critical resources—your employees—to make a difference while simultaneously increasing the value your employees bring to your own operations.

Building a program with Pyxera Global meets these objectives:

  1. Employee Engagement and Retention Skills-based volunteering puts your core values into action by providing opportunities for your employees to identify with and embody your culture in concrete ways. Volunteering also fuels your employees’ passion for social change and aligns them with your overall mission.
  2. Employee Skill Development  Another way these programs engage employees is through professional development. Employees value learning new skills and applying established skills to fresh, complex problems. Of course, this has an equally great impact for your company.
  3. Employee Recruitment and Pipeline Employees are increasingly interested in meaningful work. They want to be part of a company that shares their values. They want their contributions to be socially and environmentally sustainable. Naturally, companies with social responsibility integrated into the employee experience have a competitive edge over those with a more hands-off approach to CSR. By building skills-based volunteering opportunities into your employment pitch, you enhance your reputation as an employer of choice within your industry.

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