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· A number of studies have concluded that black teachers leave schools at higher rates, but Chalkbeat reports that these conclusions may not be totally accurate. According to recent research gathered in North Carolina, black teachers are more likely to work at schools with higher quit rates, leading to the higher turnover rate.

· How does classroom composition impact teachers? Why is it important for students to have a diverse set of educators? 

· Learn about the importance of African-American male teachers in education equality.

In recent years, there’s been an increased push to get more teachers of color into the classroom, often highlighting large gaps between student and teacher demographics

National data shows the problem isn’t just recruiting those teachers, but retaining them as well. Now a new paper offers a detailed look at the reasons why in one state, and hints at potential solutions.

That’s important because a spate of recent research has linked teachers of color to better outcomes for students of color; some advocates point to inherent and democratic benefits for all students of a more diverse teaching profession. “With the increasing diversity of student populations and a societal striving to achieve educational equity, the issue of developing a diverse and effective teaching workforce remains urgent and pressing,” writes researcher Min Sun of the University of Washington.

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