With much of the world exiting a pandemic and entering a recession, the environment and conservation may not seem a pressing concern – but climate change and biodiversity loss remain the most significant threats we face and that’s why at We Have The POWER we continue to devote 100 per cent of our funding to dealing with these issues. We may be a relatively small charitable giving fund, but our ambition is big. We’re here to Protect Our World – Educate, Restore – POWER.

Food security, public health, education, the rights of vulnerable groups, and even the arts and our heritage are all threatened by the climate crisis. By supporting organisations working to protect the environment we are addressing all these issues. Environmental degradation and the increased frequency of catastrophic weather events are rendering huge areas of the planet uninhabitable, displacing millions of people. Efforts to improve living standards and eliminate poverty will fail without complimentary action on climate change.

The International Energy Agency warned recently that the world has only six months to prevent a rebound in greenhouse gas emissions following the pandemic. Progress made in tackling climate change is fragile – in the coming months, the temptation to exceed greenhouse gas emission limits in pursuit of rapid growth will be strong. The lobbying capacity of even well-funded non-profit organisations pales in comparison to that of fossil fuel interest groups.

Now is the time to support bold action on the climate and ecological crisis and to secure our planet’s future – environmental philanthropy is needed now more than ever.

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