Reading intertwines the human race across sex, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic class. I have witnessed first hand how powerful and important the gift of reading is. From moments where patients signed their names as X on consent forms to struggling to read a prescription bottle, I have observed how illiteracy has a profound impact on overall health. Research has also shown a significant relationship between reading ability and health outcomes.

Healing Words Foundation was created with the mindset of promoting literacy starting at the very early stages of life. Directly targeting children within hospitals or outpatient clinics is, in a sense, a way to formally bridge the gap by directly using the health system. With a global agenda, we hope to impact literacy issues worldwide. Last spring we had our inaugural donation of 150 books to children at FOCOS Hospital in Accra, Ghana.

Literacy Matters. Literacy Makes The Difference. Literacy Changes Lives.

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