When creating our family foundation, we agreed that supporting organizations in building their capacity to engage volunteers would increase their ability to accomplish their missions, and, therefore, their long-term sustainability. This strategy has provided a tremendous return on our investment.

We as funders need to seize this unique opportunity to build nonprofit capacity and to sustain and promote more effective volunteer involvement.

Here are four actions YOU can take to help make this goal a reality:

  • Facilitate or convene dialogue with other grantmakers and nonprofits
  • Ask for feedback regarding volunteer successes and challenges
  • Welcome a budget line item to fund a volunteer engagement professional
  • Support existing professional development, training, and networking opportunities

Volunteers are a vastly underused yet virtually unlimited renewable resource. The need is urgent, the timing is critical, and the support is necessary.

As grantmakers, supporting your community’s and your grantees’ ability to engage and empower volunteers can produce an inspiring return on investment by dramatically expanding their ability to accomplish their mission, thereby strengthening your community.


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