Giving Compass' Take:

• In this YES! Magazine article, author Ana Levy-Lyons argues that the climate conversation we are going to have in 30 years — or even sooner — will all depend on our actions today.

• How can funders turn advocacy into tangible progress when it comes to environmental issues? Which programs and organizations need our support now?

• We have the tech, now we need climate change policy.

You can feel it in the air. The forces of change are stirring. We are understanding that all of our struggles are one. Many of us and many people we know have become activists for the first time in our lives as we recognize that we have to take power into our own hands. There are at least 1 million organizations working toward sustainability and social justice. Several of the newly elected members of Congress are representing communities that had little voice before, and they are pushing for the New Green Deal. With the markings of evil so clearly scrawled right in front of us on national television every day, with the assaults on this Earth and its people now unmistakable for anything else, we are rising up.

We have 12 years left [before the consequences of climate change get exponentially worse, according to reports], a moment before us to be seized. Right now, we need political action. We need to boycott corporations whose greed is killing us. Every week, we can make a phone call, write a letter, speak out at a town hall — we can do something to fight back. A new climate organization has started in Great Britain called Extinction Rebellion, and a chapter is forming in New York City and other cities around the world. It’s about taking bold, direct action in defense of our future. I plan to be part of it, and I urge you to join me — blocking pipelines, getting arrested, physically obstructing the desecration of our ecosystems — because asking nicely is just not working.

Read the full article about the need to take action on climate now by Ana Levy-Lyons at YES! Magazine.