Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for the In Defense Of Liberty Blog, Jonathan Butcher discusses the recent challenges being made to students' First Amendment rights and the future of free speech and expression on college campuses. 

· Should there be a line for freedom of speech and expression on college campuses? How can schools support students and their right to express themselves? 

· Read more about challenging free speech on campus

University of Virginia students need little convincing that the freedom to speak and demonstrate is a relevant, important issue for everyone on campus. I’ll be taking part in a discussion at the University of Virginia College of Law this week about the state of campus free speech.

But around the country, the right of students to express themselves — and be protected while doing so — is being challenged.

Yet some deny there’s a problem. In August, Vox cited data from Georgetown University and said that to call the state of free speech on campus a “crisis” is “more than a little overblown.” Others have expressed doubts, too. But to embrace that stance, one must ignore the last three raucous years’ worth of free speech-related incidents on campuses — ranging from the University of Missouri to Middlebury, Vermont, to Berkeley, the birthplace of the 1960s free-speech-on-campus movement.

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