Using Indigenous Knowledge to Prevent and Respond to Disasters

Host Organization: Center for Disaster Philanthropy


Indigenous peoples make up only 4% of the world’s population, but they inhabit 22% of the earth’s surface. Given this, it is essential to acknowledge the role of Indigenous knowledge.

Indigenous knowledge is the unique, local knowledge developed through history, experience, experiments and understanding of the environment.

“The very identity of indigenous peoples is inextricably linked with their lands, which are located predominantly at the social-ecological margins of human habitation — such as small islands, tropical forests, high-altitude zones, coasts, desert margins and the circumpolar Arctic. Here at these margins, the consequences of climate change include effects on agriculture, pastoralism, fishing, hunting and gathering and other subsistence activities, including access to water.”

– Gleb Raygorodetsky

Archipelago of Hope

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is hosting a webinar to highlight how funders can support Indigenous communities worldwide to prevent disasters and combat the effects of climate change. It will also examine how Indigenous knowledge can help non-Indigenous communities deal with the impacts of a disaster.

The webinar will showcase U.S. and international examples of CDP grants that have helped communities learn from Indigenous knowledge and practices.

Grantmakers and donors will be able to gain theoretical and practical understandings of the role of Indigenous knowledge in their work. At the end of the webinar, funders will:

  1. Have an increased understanding of traditional Indigenous knowledge related to the environment.
  2. Develop an enhanced understanding of how to support Indigenous communities.
  3. Think about climate change and disasters from a more holistic perspective.

While aimed at funders, it may also be of interest to emergency managers, academics, disaster responders and NGO staff interested in or working on disasters and other crises.

Heidi Schultz, program manager for CDP’s Midwest Early Recovery Fund will moderate the discussion.

Speakers: (Additional speakers will be added as they are confirmed.)

This webinar is co-sponsored by Giving CompassThe Funders Network and United Philanthropy Forum.

Automatic closed captioning will be available via Zoom during the webinar. The webinar will be recorded and posted on this page. We will email the link to the fully captioned recording to everyone who registered.

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