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The Center for Working Families Fund is committed to building multiracial, working-class governing power in Georgia. We recognize that the road to a people’s agenda in Georgia is longer than in many of the states in which we organize, and our organizing aims to consolidate the power of aligned forces to act as a bloc against anti-worker, big business, racist, misogynist, and anti-democratic forces. We do this through a disciplined approach to alliance building, inside-outside work with legislative bodies, and a commitment to highlighting the stories and voices of the majority who share our values and stand to gain the most from the changes we seek. Learn more about this organization's 501(c)(4) work. Learn about the organization's sponsor, Way to Win.

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We take a comprehensive approach toward investing for impact. Today’s challenges require diverse models and tools to drive change. Philanthropy, entrepreneurship, impact investing, and advocacy cannot be siloed if we are to actually solve today’s challenges. We push the boundaries with every dollar and idea, looking for ways to compound impact using every tool at our disposal. For decades, we’ve been innovating in how we invest for impact, looking across sectors, asset classes, and investment types for social and environmental impact.

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