Hundreds of factors can impact the success of a nonprofit organization. Or is it thousands? Once we start listing everything that can make the difference between nonprofit success and failure, it is hard to know where to stop.

It starts with a well-engaged, passionate board about:

  • The role that the nonprofit sector plays in the well-being of our communities.
  • The role that the board of directors plays in the success of the organization AND the roles and responsibilities of the individual board members.
  • The mission of the organization and the need that exists in your community.
  • Why, as an individual, he or she decided to become a board member.
  • Your board members may have to be trained in some of these areas. They may not come to your organization fully informed, but you must have a plan in place to raise the level of knowledge for every member.
  • Passionate, of course, means that the board member genuinely cares for the organization, its mission, and the constituents it is charged with serving. The mission of the organization should rank in the top two or three personal priorities of the board member.

Engagement is evident when the board member shows up for meetings well prepared, participates in the discussion, ask questions, and holds everyone, including him or herself, accountable. Engaged board members participate in events and activities and advocate for the organization.

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