Are you looking for ways to improve your board’s performance? Explore innovative thinking on board leadership and transition.

Governance may not be the sexiest topic on the planet, but we find that many of our members and colleagues find it endlessly fascinating and are continually looking for ways to improve their boards’ performance. As one board member said, “This is a call to action. We need to question all of our assumptions. If we are to shape our future, we think it’s healthy to take nothing for granted or as a given but be willing to hold everything up to scrutiny and ask the difficult questions.”

Below we provide examples of innovative thinking on board leadership and transition, with a two-part white paper, as well as an excerpt from a book examining the relationship between the board chair and chief executive.

From Résumé to Repertoire: Finding the Right Nonprofit Leader” (BoardSource White Paper)

Transition to New Leadership: The First 1,000 Days” (BoardSource White Paper)

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