Recently, efforts to incorporate antiracism into philanthropic work have surged. What does this mean for lean funders who may not have the capacity to launch major initiatives?

At Brady Education Foundation, we focus on addressing disparities in educational opportunities associated with race, ethnicity, and family income. Our mission is clearly aligned with racial equity work. We primarily fund research that can inform practice, public policy, and other philanthropic funders.

However, many of our grants are multi-year efforts. It often takes time for our support to bear fruit. While our small team has worked to advance racial equity, we have also increasingly sought out strategic partnerships. In doing so, we have found that we can go further and faster together.

Below are a few things we have learned from these efforts, and we look forward to continuing to learn and accelerate racial equity work in partnership with other philanthropic organizations.

Be explicit about race, racism, and racial equity

Many of us have taken this step. Even if we don’t know how to advance antiracist philanthropy, we can acknowledge harm, and we can commit to advancing racial equity in our commitments and mission statements. While words alone do not advance practice, they are a critical step to holding ourselves accountable and for paving the way for communities to hold us accountable, too.

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