Next generation philanthropy. No matter how you define the next generation, many foundations struggle to engage this subset into their philanthropy. “The most important thing is to treat young people as equals at the board table,” says Susan Price from the National Center for Family Philanthropy. “They don’t know everything the older generation knows, but they know some things the older generation doesn’t. This should be a two-way partnership, not the elders passing down their wisdom from on high.”

Next Generation Philanthropy: Starting Questions

From the outset, you should take ample time to reflect on the following questions about engaging your next generation in philanthropy:

  • Why do you want to engage the next generation?
  • How do you define the next generation?
  • Who in your family or organization are potential qualifying members?
  • What are potential obstacles for engaging them?
  • How would you describe your ability to communicate with members of the next generation?

Let the Next Generation Shape Their Involvement

Do you like it when people tell you what to do and how to do it, without your giving input? Probably not. To help the next generation feel valued and engaged, find a way to involve them in the decision-making process from the start. Start with conversations about how the next generation wants to participate.

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