Multiyear funding—support that funders commit up-front for multiple years—is a key to strengthening nonprofit effectiveness, capacity, and impact. These grants guarantee income streams, lessening the time grantees need to fundraise so they can better carry out their missions. In a tough economy, when many foundations are cutting grant budgets and reducing their number of grantees, committing scarce funds for a longer time frame is particularly valuable.

Exponent Philanthropy members see the usefulness of multiyear grants in supporting a range of activities. Says Brigitte Lehner Kingsbury of the Orchard Foundation in Maine:

“Ask yourself of a potential grant request, ‘Do you really think this can be done in one year?’ If it can’t, why not make the commitment?”

7 Key Benefits of Multiyear Funding

The sector has long recognized the benefits of multiyear funding, including its usefulness in:

  1. Fulfilling specific goals
  2. Attracting additional funding
  3. Building grantee capacity
  4. Funding advocacy
  5. Reducing administrative burdens
  6. Accelerating equity
  7. Supporting new ventures

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