The Donor Journeys Initiative kicked-off in January 2019 at the 5th biennial National Summit on Family Philanthropy: Our Donor Journeys and Why They Matter.

Hosted by the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, the Summit featured three plenary panel discussions with donors whose learning and giving has been shaped by their personal experiences and family giving culture. One year later, the Johnson Center is delighted to share Summit Replay, a series of videos featuring the complete plenary discussions, available to view online for free.

Partners Together on the Giving Path, the day’s first plenary, explored how philanthropic couples can learn from each other, leverage each other’s strengths, address disagreements, and ultimately forge a path together. In this panel, Anna and Raj Asava (Indian American Council for Food Banks), Dawn and Chris Fleischner (Arts, Equity, & Education Fund), and Liebe and Seth Gadinsky (Miami Foundation) shared intimate stories of what it means to combine marriage and giving.

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