2020 women donors may go down in history as having been the first class of women donors to drive massive political change in one election. According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, Joe Biden’s campaign for President saw a massive surge in funding, particularly from women, when he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate in August.

According to a report in CNN, the Biden-Harris ticket received over $33.4 million in itemized contributions from women in August, more than doubling the total amount of contributions from female donors the previous month of $13.7 million. In comparison, Trump’s campaign raised only $8.7 million from women in August.

As the article reports, women have been flooding the Biden-Harris campaign with cash in order to hammer home their strong support for the Harris nomination.

Women donors accounted for an astounding 44% of all political donating this election cycle, the highest percentage on record.

A stunning 298 women ran for general election seats in the US House in this past election year. A great deal of the cultivation of these 298 women came from grassroots organizations identifying and training potential political candidates. This means that funding organizations like She Should Run and Higher Heights is a great idea, and should probably be doubled for the next election cycle, to really maximize the impact. Other groups like the Electing Women Alliance, Winning for Women, and EMILY’s List are also great examples of organizations that are taking the issue of electing women by the reins and driving results at the polls.

It also means that cultivating gender equality giving more broadly in the next four years should be a priority.

Read the full article about women donors who funded the Biden-Harris victory by Kiersten Marek at Philanthropy Women.