For the panelists assembled for NCRP’s latest webinar, philanthropy’s role in helping communities steer through the current coronavirus pandemic is clear. There is a responsibility to go beyond grantmaking and use their influence to make possible the dreams of a better world.

That means not just funding organizers and movements, but also getting involved in policy debates, even if it means directly challenging political leaders to do better.

“Advocacy is important,” said Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal. “It is chairing committees, of course, but it’s also writing op-eds; it’s calling your members of Congress who pay attention to the wealth of philanthropy to address these deep inequities that are built into our system … [to] pay less attention to what is politically possible because ultimately, I believe what’s politically possible is what we make possible.”

Jayapal was one of the 4 leaders who joined NCRP President & CEO Aaron Dorfman for a funder strategy conversation that explored how foundations could not just provide immediate relief, but also long-term support that empowers communities beyond the current moment.

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