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What happens when students are given a say in school budgets?
When schools in New York City engaged in a participatory budgeting practice with students they not only ignited students’ interest and civics and democracy, they discovered students’ passion for giving back to the community.

Segregation is preventable. Congress just isn’t trying.
Congress could make more of an effort to bring students from different backgrounds together in high-quality integrated schools, particularly as the country is so divided and polarized at this moment in history.

Want black women students to stay in STEM? Help them find role models who look like them
A new study, “Exploring Identity-Safety Cues and Allyship Among Black Women Students in STEM Environments” found that it is incredibly important for black women college students in rigorous STEM programs to have role models who share their racial identity to signal a sense of belonging in STEM fields.

How to fix segregation in NYC schools? Let students hack the algorithm 
On April 6th, IntegrateNYC hosted an all-day hackathon event where students and adults collaborated to create a prototype of a new matchmaking algorithm that would include students’ racial identity, so high schools might better reflect the diversity of New York City’s students.