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High school students of color are protesting racism and inequality 
U.S. high school students have become increasingly outspoken about issues affecting their communities like police brutality, gun violence, school closings in communities of color and racism in schools. After racist incidents at schools in Charlottesville and the Bronx, students took action to make school officials address deeper inequities.

Youth often become homeless just after leaving juvenile detention. Can Washington state really stop it?
The Washington state legislature recently passed an ambitious law mandating that by 2020 the state must stop releasing young people from public systems, like the juvenile justice system or child welfare, into homelessness.  No other state has such a sweeping commitment in place, and now the race is on to develop solutions to keep systems-involved youth safely housed.

OPINION: We must close college counseling’s equity gap
Marina Koestler Ruben and Laura Owen, research assistant and associate professor and director at American University’s Center for Postsecondary Readiness and Success, write that we must create a set of standards to make the college counseling system more equitable in order to give all students access to the guidance they deserve.

Bill would offer college path to homeless and youths in foster care 
The Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act (HEASHFY), a new bill making its way through Congress, seeks to make a college education more accessible for both homeless students and students in the foster care system.

Racial bias associated with disparities in disciplinary action across U.S. schools
Researchers at Princeton University investigated the degree to which racial disparities in disciplinary action across U.S. schools relate to national levels of racial bias, and confirmed that racial bias contributes to disciplinary disparities between black and white students.