One of the most exciting elements of a ramp up in giving or assets is the opportunity to build a grant making strategy that can leverage your philanthropic dollars in ways that create even greater impact. But this opportunity shouldn’t be unique to those funders experiencing a ramp up.

Are you facing a ramp up, or are you just sleep walking through your annual grant making? Does it feel like your grant making cycle has taken control and you are just a passenger along for the ride? Do you have an underlying sense that you could be making your philanthropic investments go a lot further?

No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your giving, you may be ready to take your grantmaking to the next level of impact. But how do you do it? At the Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) we have helped many clients tackle this question, which typically involves moving beyond grantmaking and finding opportunities to make a greater impact with the same financial resources. While there is a variety of tools and structures that you can use to move beyond traditional grantmaking (a.k.a. annual check writing), here are a few first steps that can help you identify the right ones for you.

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