Does the end of the year have you wondering about what you might do in 2020 to create even greater change? If so, I would love to offer five questions for you to consider, to provide a little structure to conversations you might have with your team, your family, your advisors, or simply for self-reflection – about what motivates you and the impact you want to achieve with your philanthropy.

1. Where am I on the TPI Philanthropic CurveTM?
TPI created its Philanthropic Curve to highlight six stages in the evolution of many donors’ philanthropic journeys. We find it to be a very helpful tool for funders to assess where they are today and where they want to go tomorrow.

2. How serious am I about pushing to go further up the TPI Curve?
If others would describe you as a passionate donor with ambitious goals and a sense of urgency, you have what it takes.

3. I have a lot of questions and ideas, so how do I figure out the right next steps?
Examine your values and purpose. Seek out others who share your concerns, who can answer questions, who can challenge you to be both bold and wise in what comes next. Read up on established wisdom, and keep an eye out for those tackling issues from a fresh vantage point.

4. What if the questions I’m asking seem too large to grapple with?
For whatever issues you most want to address, look for key intervention points and explore ways to move “upstream” with your philanthropy to address root causes.

5. How do I inspire others around me?
Ask others to share why certain issues have more meaning for them, what their stories are, what changes they would most like to see in their community or in the world. By doing so you may not only help fuel that sense of urgency in yourself to move further along the TPI Curve, but indeed, inspire it in others.

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