Cascading humanitarian crises across the globe fill the headlines and challenge donors who wish to be responsive on multiple fronts, yet who are unsure what commitments are appropriate or truly make a difference to the people caught in each catastrophe. Donors of any size can make effective, responsive decisions and deploy resources in a way that can help fill gaps within the outpouring of global support. 

Knowing that situations and needs are multifaceted, change rapidly, and continue long after media coverage has ended, TPI provides information, organizations, and other resources grouped by situation in our online Resource HubFor funders giving in response to international crises, keep in mind these seven points as you choose your next steps. 

  1. Source your information wisely and with local knowledge.
  2. Take a humanistic, holistic approach to humanitarian aid.
  3. Recognize that in a crisis, context is complex, and flexibility and proximity are key.
  4. Remember that every crisis is interlinked with broader societal issues.
  5. Balance immediate and longer-term responses.
  6. Be mindful of other funders.
  7. Go beyond the dollars.

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