Giving Compass' Take:

• There are many benefits of incorporating diversity and inclusion in philanthropy, such as employing different perspectives when it comes to social problem-solving. 

• How are you incorporating diversity and inclusion in your work? In your giving strategy?

• Read about how funders can support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

By recognizing our differences and celebrating them, we can utilize them to develop comprehensive insights to solving these global challenges. By including individuals with varying backgrounds, they can apply their experiences and provide unique perspectives into how to tackle these issues.

So, why does diversity matter?
Professor Scott Page at the University of Michigan performed research on this topic with Lu Hong, an economist at Chicago’s Loyola University. They developed a model which determined that diverse groups of individuals outperformed the most talented individuals at solving problems. The reason? The diverse individuals didn’t get stuck as often as the talented individuals who thought similarly.

His example: New York City. It’s no coincidence that one of the most innovative and vibrant cities in the United States is also one of the most culturally diverse.

Professor Page advances the discussion asking questions such as, “How can we work more productively together?” versus, “Why can’t we get along?” This elevation in discussion lends itself to the new approach to diversity:

The Rockefeller Philanthropy Group provides findings from The Bureau of the Census which estimates that “minority” groups will take over as the majority in the United States by 2042. As the world changes, philanthropy must change to meet those needs.

Several community foundations already implement diversity and inclusion into their philanthropy programs by including diverse staff members, evaluating grant opportunities through a diverse lens, and including overlooked groups in funding opportunities.

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