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Chart Westcott discusses nonprofit technology trends that are driving the sector forward and will continue to do so in 2020.

How could nonprofits you work with benefit from technologies like the ones listed here? What role can you play in helping them access and leverage these tools? 

Learn about more nonprofit trends coming in 2020.

Non-profits have gained a great deal of knowledge from their for-profit peers when it comes to the effective use of technology. However, nonprofits can’t always mimic for-profit strategies. Campaigns that rely on social media can sometimes backfire and fundraising efforts require transparency. Here are three non-profit tech trends for 2020 that combine the best use of for-profit tech with the best practices of nonprofits.

  • Data Collection and Management Tools For-profit organizations’ customer relationship management software tools dig into granular data like online shopping habits, cart abandonment and frequently viewed website pages.
  • Marketing and Analysis For-profit organizations intend to grow. Non-profits are considered successful when they are able to maintain their levels of engagement and impact.
  • Emails Over Social Media Donors want to feel special and needed. Personalized email and customized asks are a way for nonprofits to appeal to all of their donors, both high level donors and low-level ones.

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