Since the beginning of time, humans have been interested in giving back to those less fortunate than themselves. However, there were always obstacles that made it difficult for people to donate money and time directly: limited access to financial institutions, geographical isolation from donors and organizations that could benefit them, and a lack of awareness regarding who was most in need of help and how they could be helped.

Technology has changed everything: it’s easier than ever before to help your community, whether you’re donating funds or volunteering time. Here are the top ways technology has influenced philanthropy, according to Marc Zboch:

  1. Technology has made it easier to give back
  2. The Internet has given nonprofits a platform they never had before
  3. Social media has allowed charities to broaden their donor pool and attract more supporters
  4. Online fundraising tools allow you to help your donors help you
  5. Philanthropists can use apps to track not only their donations but also spread awareness of the campaign

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