Giving Compass' Take:

Kate Harveston highlights five social good search engines that turn clicks into profits that go directly to a charity or benefit a social cause. 

• Can platforms like these create scaled, sustainable income for nonprofits? 

• Read about the ways to maximize your impact with new technology.

One of the best parts about the advent of the internet is that with a world of information at our fingertips, people are starting to utilize technology to raise social consciousness and make a difference.

Here are five innovative search engines you can utilize to do a good deed the next time you do an internet search for chic designer duds on the cheap or flavorful winter recipes.

  1. GoodSearch: An online search engine that allows users to scan discounts on everything from body lotion to laptops to eyeglasses.
  2. Ecosia: Ecosia has a mission to plant more than a billion trees all around the globe by raising money through advertising revenue. When you click on a paid advertiser’s link, Ecosia receives payment.
  3.  Benelab: What sets Benelab apart? The fact that 100 percent of their income goes toward charitable causes. Crazy, right? Each month, Benelab sets a charitable goal consisting of anything from feeding hungry families overseas to helping people with medical needs right here at home.
  4. EveryClick: While they still turn a profit, EveryClick is a UK-based search engine where 50 percent of advertising proceeds go to charity. The benefit of signing up for an EveryClick account is being able to choose which charity will receive the proceeds from your clicks!
  5. Elliot for Water: The first social good search engine that empowers its users to help people in need of clean water by allocating its ad revenue to impact projects.

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